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Alejandro Fernandez



Alejandro Fernandez started his own career in 1977 exactly where he first made an appearance in public places performing with his dad. They performed the song “Alejandra” together. However at age 19, he made a big breakthrough with his first solo music album. He presented “Alejandro Fernandez” under Sony Music and managed to release three singles. And mainly because of his own achievement, he visited the whole Mexico. His accomplishment didn’t hold on there. He managed to release Piel De Nina in 1993 produced an album with 3 highly thriving tracks.


He reached more and more people with his talent to serenade ladies and then in the year 1994, he produced his fourth studio album, which has also turn out to be highly successful. The majority of his tracks in this album were created by well-known Mexican composers and has acquired even more following until he launched a brand new album the following year, called,Que Seas Muy Feliz. It was introduced with a single which was world-wide recognized as his first ever hit abroad making him a household name in numerous nations outside Mexico.

In the year 1996 along with his very own production , much more of his tracks became hit songs in all portions of Mexico and in some other Spanish-speaking nations on the planet. The Atlanta Olympics started in 1996 exactly where he recorded the theme song and also other international and well-liked Latin singers most notably Jon Secada, Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan with song called “Puedes Ilegar”.

Within the year 2000, he released his album “Entre tus brazos” and released his song “Quiereme” that presented much of his versatility as a music artist. The year after, he recorded his ninth album and in addition it turned out to be a hit within Mexico and in other parts on the planet. Currently being a major lover of ranchera tracks, he launched Un Canto De Mexico containing twenty ranchera tracks. Alejandro Fernandez proceeded a tour together with his father in the year 2003 in Mexico City. Over 60,000 music lovers came to see him perform spectacularly.

Alejandro Fernandez isn’t only a skilled vocalist however also is a very versatile performer. On year 2004, he acted in the movie “Zapata: El sueno del Heroe”. This blockbuster movie was regarding the Mexican hero Emiliano Zapanta. Immediately after his unparalleled accomplishment in acting, he returned to performing and released his own music album Mexico – Madrid: En Directo Y Sin Escalas. It showcased 13 great new song titles which were all taken from his live performances. It absolutely was in the year 2007 exactly where he was able to perform a duet with the intercontinental pop star Beyonce with the song “Amor Gitano” for the album “Viento A Favor”. He started a tour in Madrid and produced another album entitled “De Noche: Clasicos A Mi Manera” with the very best ballad he ever made. In his own personal life, Alejandro Fernandez has 3 children from his past spouses America Guinart and Ximena Diaz.

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Alejandro Fernandez