Revealed: How To Repair And Restore Your Old Lionel Trains Model Trains

By Frank Keenan

Has your Lionel train seen fresher days? Wouldn’t it be good to see it chugging around on its path again, shining the comparable beauty as the day it was revealed that Christmas morning so long ago?

Repairing and reconstructing your old Lionel train can be very accomplishing. You can enjoy in the warm glowing of memories of past times, and so make new memories to go on with them!

The good thing is, you can do this yourself with just a small patience and know-how! At One Time you’ve mended it, holding your old train’s aura is largely a topic of a dab of oil now and then in the good targets to keep it functioning smoothly.

How do you mend Lionel Trains?

The introductory step in restoring an old Lionel train is to make it all cleaned up.


Wipe it all off with a soft cloth to remove debris and stain.

You can take out rust with rust remover or sand paper. Say you see green or cranky white spots, that is oxidation, and you can get rid of it with oxidation remover.

The final part in your cleaning is to wipe down the tracks, the wheels of the cars, and any moving parts with a light oil spray. Use Q-Tips soaked with the oil to get into smaller areas, like the wheels, and use a soft cloth soaked with the oil for the tracks. Buff it all up with a clean part of the cloth.

Placed a tap of the oil on whatever moving sections, and function it in so that they run smoothly and easily. You can use a toothpick to collect tiny pieces of oil for the small segments.

You can start to mending it now that it’s clean.

Make sure all the pieces of the track fit together tightly. If they don’t, then bend the connections back into position with average pairs of pliers. It might take a few tests to get them simply in good order, simply you should be able to get a challenging fit.

Take the bodies off of your cars, and inspect the interiors. Clean them as earlier, and reckon for broken areas. It Is actually simple to exchange these sections yourself. You can purchase them at a Lionel trains specialty storage, numerous hobby storages, or get them from Lionel trains regions catalogs. Only unscrew them and screw in the replacement part.

Lastly, does your train move? Check it after you’ve cleaned it all, because built up soil and dirt could cause the link ‘tween the train and the track to be so terrible that it retains it from running. If it’s clean and still doesn’t move, check to see if the plug is working. If the plug reckons Fine, it may be that the transformer wants repair or substitute.

You can find detailed statements about how to fix the transformer, and each of the different regions of Lionel trains at They have a two CD set of complete guides, blueprints, and plots for all Lionel train ready-made from 1906 through 1986. The set also takes on a areas and supplements catalogue for your convenience.

Use the repair manuals to complete any other necessary repairs for your train.

Ready And Waiting to keep your Lionel train, merely keep it clean and furbished, oil the running parts all so often, and it should present you many more yr of enjoyment!

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