Keeping The Balance In Your Presentation Folder}

Keeping The Balance In Your Presentation Folder


Lynne Saarte

Think of presentation folder printing as the task of creating the face that you present to the world. More specifically, it is your companys face to your potential investors or target market that you are imagining. That face must be clean, well groomed and of course it must standout. So why not put on a little makeup? Though it is just a folder containing more important matters like brochures, press releases and other important paperwork a custom presentation folder still speaks to the one who received it. It tells them how serious you are with your business. How you want to be seen by the world, or it can also portray your whole corporate philosophy. So do not take designing your full color folders lightly. It demands attention like any other thing you publish.

The most popular designs you see nowadays are simple and elegant corporate styles. Presentation folders are not glorified art projects. Usually they have clean well formatted pictures and text with the companys logo on display. If it is for a specific campaign like an advertising project or a public relations kit, a tagline or the campaigns motif should be prominently displayed. The goal for presentation folder printing is communicate visually the message that you want to the receiver. If you want to gain attention, inspire readers or instill respect, the design should portray those values for you easily.


Of course, we those goals in mind, you can also take a risk and think outside the box. For more casual or creative projects you can feel free and let loose any creative energy at your disposal when designing your custom presentation folders. You can think of more wacky themes using an extensive color palette to capture more attention. Moreover, why not reinvent the whole folder itself and make it look like something else?

For example, in a public relations kit for the environment, why not have a pocket folder in the shape of a butterfly? If you are a chocolate company, you can dress up the folder as a half open chocolate bar. A clothing company can have a t-shirt as its folder. There are a lot of ways to be creative if you are willing to take the risk. Note though that you cannot get too carried away. It must match the purpose of your presentation folder printing. An extensively elaborate design can also turn off other people and appear as too childish. Know the people you are giving the folder to.

All in all, when designing your presentation folder it is good practice to keep a balance of creative design and practical construction. Match this yin and yang and you should be well on your way to creating a beautiful and effective presentation folder. Good Luck!

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Keeping The Balance In Your Presentation Folder }