Keep Dogs From Digging Methods

Digging can be caused by a variety of circumstances, denoting that in order to stop dogs from digging, dog owners have to look over the causes of digging to begin with. Some dogs really like to dig. Certain dogs may be disinterested and require greater stimulation on a regular basis. Those not spayed or neutered may be attempting to flee their enclosures in order to locate a mating partner. It could be that some find delight by digging in recently turned soil or soil that has received a manure supplement. Some dogs dig in order to hide treats or food. Other dogs, as a product of their breed, are known for digging. Some other dogs enjoy creating a den to lie down in and this is why they dig. One of the keys to stopping this behavior and stop your dogs from digging is to make sure you play with them and give them adequate opportunities to exercise. In spite of the old adage, dogs can and do learn new tricks. A disinterested canine is often also a ruinous one, therefore a pet that has plentiful opportunities for physical exertion and exposure to novel experiences is less likely to destroy items in their paths. An additional strategy to keep canines from digging is to cease providing them with bones, which are likely to be buried. Any treat you give your dog should be totally edible, leaving them nothing to bury. Another option is to plant balloons in the dogs favorite digging spots. The next time he digs there, the sound of the popping balloon will frighten him. It should also convince the dog that every time he digs he will hear that noise and he will learn to stop through that negative reinforcement. Canines fond of digging should always be watched while outside. If you are with them and they go to dig, you can frighten them away from digging by wetting them with a spray bottle or your garden hose. Learn more at:

Keep Dogs From Digging