Henan Garment Construction And Development Of Industrial Clusters

By Himfr Tian

With the State, the province has issued the textile and garment industry restructuring and revitalization of the east, Henan has never been the history of textile and garment industry cluster construction and development in full swing.

According to Xie, 1 February this year, the province’s fixed assets investment in textile and apparel industry 26.936 billion yuan, up 17.22%, higher than the national average of 7.69 percentage points.

Henan Textile and Apparel Association, said the Secretary-General Li Xiuming, the original relative dispersion of textile and garment enterprises, not the formation of clusters, not formed in intermediate chain. These negative factors has undoubtedly increased the production cost, on cultural exchange between enterprises, technological innovation are the bottleneck.


Zhengzhou, a well-known clothing company boss said: “The company has long been seen as doing their own shortcomings, but had no concept of industrial clusters, countries do not have the appropriate policy support. To know that a business moves every respect equal to undergo an baptism, not a good long view is not ‘move’ the. “Transfer of textile and garment industry by the east wind, root out the characteristics of textile and garment enterprises in Henan Province, forming a distinctive development. Xiangfan, Hubei Province of Nanyang strengthen surrounding areas such as dyeing and finishing enterprise cooperation in the industrial chain, formed features clothing and home textiles to cotton textile industry as the main base.

Xinxiang to consolidate and promote viscose, textiles advantages, strive to expand the scale of apparel and home textiles, has become an important production base of chemical fiber textiles. Zhoukou effort to improve high-count worsted, cotton blend and color the proportion of the development of weaving, dyeing, garment-scale expansion. Construction of high quality knitting yarn Kaifeng mainly cotton industry cluster. Anyang prominent dyeing and finishing, sound knitting industry chain, the development of a knitted garment industry cluster. Shangqiu to Xiayi, Sui and other industrial cluster focusing on the development of a knitted children’s wear industry cluster.

Pingdingshan to nylon fiber, cord, balloon silk, nylon and other decorative silk industry chain development focus, relying on God, shares the lead horse, the development of high-tech fibers and industrial fibers, industrial clustering to guide the development of industrial textiles, become important impact of industrial textiles cluster.

It is understood that, after nearly two years, textile and clothing industry in Henan Province rapid development of clusters, many enterprises have developed rapidly, to reflect the advantages of clustering. For example, enterprises Yalida Zhengzhou pants, from a garment workshop and gradually developed into today’s nationally known companies, which settled in the cluster, enter the cluster contributed to the development of the road.

“Focus is to make links between the business and enterprise, so that everyone holds together, with ‘group’ approach to development, with the ‘group’ approach to the integration of resources, with a ‘mission’ way to catch up with other people.” Li Xiuming said.

It is reported that this year, Henan Province, further implementation of the investment plan and large double action plan investment and electricity, land, off-site investment and tax sharing put forward a series of high gold content of preferential policies to support rapid development of industrial agglomeration area. Strive to work through the whole year, so that the completion of Henan Province, The zone-level investment 400 billion yuan, achieving revenues of more than 1.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 20%.

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