Understanding The Electric Body

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Getting to know your body is an aha! experience a big wow. The nature of the energy in the body itself as a constant force, in continual state of movement and flux. You are like a human battery. Everything is electric. Everything has a charge. Your body is a field of energy that radiates out twelve feet according to science.

This electricity is organized in highly complex and specific pathways. In orthodox or allopathic medicine these are called tracts, in Chinese medicine, meridans, and in Ayurveda, chakras or marma points. When these electricity bundles or pathways become jangled, clogged, under stimulated or blocked in anyway, the body lose its dynamic and ever changing balance . This balance effects and includes everything especially the nervous system, digestion, and circulatory system muscles and joints.

Integrative medicine employs electricity rebalancing as one of its most effective treatments to eliminate allergies. this treatment has many benefits, including being able to desensitize common and rare allergies. Other benefits include relaxation of the nervous system, increased circulation and gentle detoxification, and increased efficiency of the electric and subtle energy systems. Again, when the allergic code is broken in the electric body, you become allergy free.


Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believe that these meridians or microscopic pathways transport energy throughout the body and are its source of vitality. This energy is called chi or Qi (pronounced chee), and is literally translated as air or life force. There are two main types of Qi: the life force you are born with and the Qi you get from sleep, food and fresh air. Allergens can disturb and trigger reactions from the meridian system millions of times a day. When the reaction is big enough to jam the electricity in the meridian channels and cause chemical disturbances in the body, we call it an allergy. The meridian energy system is used to treat the problem, to bring the body back to normal as quickly as possible with least amount of invasion. Meridian treatments are given using acupressure -no needles! this is a big reason why these treatments are so effective on children.

Chinese medicine is based on Qi, yin/yang, and a belief in the five basic elements: fire, water, ether, earth and air. These are the five basic elements all humans, animate and inanimate beings. In the British Medical Journal in 1937, Sir Thomas Lewis reported that he had found physical evidence of “unknown nervous system”. This system, he said, was composed of minute lines. this energy lines branched from the surface of the skin connecting bowels and organs. What Lewis found for the West was the meridian system, known by eastern health practitioners for thousands of years.

Ayurveda (ah your-Vay-dah) also known as the science of life is a comprehensive medical system that is believed to be over six thousand years old. It focuses on the subtle energies in all things, but also in thoughts, emotions, and actions. Each persons’ state of health is based in the relationship of the three vital energy systems called Doshas (DOH-shahs)which are the nervous system, digestive systems and the tissue of the body. Ayurveda does not present the idea that disease is caused by microorganism, germs and / or pollen. diseases state is caused when there is weakness or disturbance to one or more of the dosha energy systems, which locks the body into dis-ease.

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