The Bubba Keg Barrel Bbq Grill}

The Bubba Keg Barrel BBQ Grill


Lewis Theaksotn

One thing that users of the Bubba Keg will notice is that it is extremely economical when it comes to using charcoal. Infact, only a very small amount is required to provide a sustained high temperature thanks to the Keg’s clever design. To obtain a 500 degree fire for a couple of hours, only 2 handfuls of charcoal are needed. Using three handfuls can yield a temperature of up to 800 degrees.


One of the Bubba Keg’s strongest points is that it holds its temperature extremely well compared to other cookers in its class. Don’t be surprised when you open the lid on the Keg for a short period to keep an eye on your food, to find that the internal temperature stays exactly where it should be.Some Keg users have reported that when the cooker is up at around 800 degrees, leaving the dome (lid) open for 5-10 minutes the temperature dropped to around 270 degrees. Upon closing the lid, heat rose quickly back up to 750 degrees within a mere 60 seconds!Like any cooker, each one has its quirks, and the Bubba Keg is no different. It’s efficiency will throw novice users off balance due to the fact that maintaining a low temperature can be a challenge when slightly too much charcoal is used, something that can be gotten away with when using common-garden barbecues.Sustaining temperatures in the 230-270 range can be met easily when using the correct amount of charcoal and using the temperature control dampers.A tip for new users would be to use less charcoal than required to start with, and just monitor the temperature, rather than dive in at the deep end with a beef brisket and over-cook it.The designers of the Bubba Keg should be applauded, as its fiberglass insulated double steel walled shell is cool to the touch thanks to the insulation.Even when the internal temperatures are right up at 800 degrees, the outside of the Keg remains cool to the touch, and at around 500 degrees, completely cool. This inbuilt safety feature is something that everyone can appreciate.Aesthetically, the Bubba Keg does stand out from the crowd, and will always draw attention in the backyard, at a tailgate, and even on the competition circuit. It’s unique looks and cooking ability will usually prompt people to ask you about it, so be prepared.Cost-wise, the Bubba Keg is not an inexpensive cooker, but, as with all things, you do get what you pay for, and in terms of cooking performance, looks, versatility and efficiency, it is hard to fault the Bubba Keg at it’s price-point.

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The Bubba Keg Barrel BBQ Grill}