Stress Management Through Emotional Detoxification

Submitted by: Suzanna Kauai

At times, you must have noticed that some people do oodles of work for the whole day and still have the energy to party all night. While some others are barely left with any energy to drive back home. Reasons for the low energy are diverse, but being in a state of anxiety and/or depression are common causes. Long-lasting psychological and emotional stress causes a great impact on our health also.

Western researchers have proved that the health and disease in a person s body are not only affected by genetics from your ancestors. Your state of mind can affect the chemical conditions of the cells. The heavy, painful emotions can depress your immune system, and affect your endocrine and nervous system as well. Therefore, our thoughts and feelings have a profound impact on our health.

The big question here arises is that how to manage stress. In an effort to manage stress, some people just suppress their anger, fear and negative emotions, choosing positive thoughts instead. However, this technique is of no use in affecting change. Until and unless, we bring a positive change inside us, inside our cells, all our efforts would go in vain. Some people believe that the nature and behavior of the person comes from the genetic inheritance and his ability to deal with positive and negative emotions depends on that. Nevertheless, this dogmatic belief has been opposed by the epigenetic scientists have proven that your beliefs, perceptions, emotions, visualizations in can bring a permanent change in your genetic structure.


Now, you must be wondering how you can make this magical change. The answer lies in an emotional detox program. The program cleanses all the venom of hatred, jealousy, anger and resentment that have you have inherited in your ancestors and what you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. When you detox the heavy emotional energy, your life force energy will be able to move through you without resistance. And your body will be able to restore its health and vitality. What s better than controlling anger? Detoxing the limiting beliefs and pain from past experience which trigger anger in the first place.

Emotional detox can work for all individuals who are going through emotional discomfort caused by life changes, past experiences, loss, fear, inability to move forward or unhappiness. We often believe that we are not good enough to make decisions on our own and thus seek others approval constantly. However, we should be true to ourselves and believe in our potential.

How to manage stress with emotional detox program:

The underlying reason for our stress is the unawareness of the sources of limiting beliefs and attitudes in our subconscious mind. Through the program, we can recognize them and release the feelings of inadequacy which are ingrained within us since our childhood. Such feelings make us live painful, stressful and unfulfilling lives. The therapy involves visualization of positive thoughts, breath-work, holistic coaching and release of suppressed emotions.

In the end, you will feel very light and filled with renewed energy. The professionals working with this therapy gives you techniques so that you can use them on your own in free time.

About the Author: Suzanna Kennedy is an Author, speaker, master teacher and transformational expert. She is the Founder and Director of Reality Crafting Institute, who teach how to manage stress and provide proven ways to improve self esteem.For more information visit:



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