Order Management Software For Wholesalers

Order management solutionhelps in improving oversight of inventory and real-time order processing status for better customer service including Integrated Payment and Refund process. This helps control cost and improve process efficiency by automating manual process and reducing errors.

The real need of an Order Management systems are as below:

  • Customer Information and Integrated CRM
  • Accurate Product / Item Inventory Information
  • Intelligent workflow
  • Order Sync with Back Office systems
  • Auto apply customer specific rules for payment and discounts
  • Create quick re-orders
  • Manage partially fulfil orders
  • Integration with Payments
  • Integration with Return and refund
  • Real time Sales & Inventory reports
  • Integrated with Purchase Order & Goods receiving

Order Management system allows a business to organise the entire fulfilment process — from order processing, inventory and delivery to provide integrated services to their customers. Most of the order management have their defined workflow and customised based on a company’s needs.


A typical order management process includes three steps:

  1. Order Receiving and auto acknowledgement to the customer
  2. Fulfilment – Process the order —Picking, Packing, generates an invoice and confirms shipping details
  3. Inventory Management – Inventory stocks and re-order levels are monitored as they changes based on order fulfilment and the demands of the business.

We have designed a solution to help the business users to perform the entire order processing activity with very minimal effort. The key success of this automation is that integrated data availability at all stage and no repeat process/rework data entry. This is well integrated with Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing and payments for giving end to end solution.

A list of handy reports with combination of detail & summary reports to monitor the orders with different progress status (picking, packing, invoicing), item stock level, suggesting reorder item wise Qty., Customer & Supplier account statements.

OurOrder management softwareautomate the entire Order process starting from customer inquiry, quotation, order to fulfilment, invoicing and payments. This helps to tack the order status very closely with real time data. TheOrder management software solution provides seamless Customer Orders management with simplified steps allowing to set order priority, packing and delivery along with automated shipping documents generation. Goods return and credit notes are integral part of the order management process.

Our product is not just full of features to support your business, we also support the setup to ensure success. There will always be someone online to help you with any issue related to your account.