Learn How To Train Your Little Puggle Puppy

Learn How To Train Your Little Puggle Puppy


Orson Dixon

You will learn rather quickly that puggles are pretty easy to train because of their high level of intelligence and their willingness to please their owner as much as they possibly can. Puggle puppies can learn any basic command and even some advanced ones that their pug fathers could never master. Although the advanced tricks will require much more practice, it is definitely possible to make it work if enough effort is put forth by the owner. A unique feature of puggle puppies that isn\’t really seen in many other dogs is that once they learn a trick, they never forget it for as long as they live. While they can learn some cool tricks that a few other dogs would never be able to handle, potty training is one aspect of life that puggles take much longer to get a grip on. Puggle puppies can get rather stubborn at times though, and even though they love to please their owner, they will at times refuse to do something that you have already taught them to do. In other words, if one of your puggles is not doing a trick, it\’s not because they forgot, but instead, that they are just choosing not to do it. The best way to train puggle puppies, much like other dogs, is to reward them with a treat when they do something good and try to shame them when they have done something very wrong.


Puggles need a lot of exercise and moving around to make sure they don\’t gain too much weight, so frequent walks through the park are always a great choice on the weekends or after you get home from work. These dogs feel the need to work as often as possible, so playing fetch or running through a short and simple obstacle course are two options that usually turn out to be possible training tactics. Because of their need to be working or doing something all the time, their sense of purpose is usually much greater than some other dogs. This leads to a better overall level of happiness for the dog, which is then transferred over to the owner. It\’s hard to feel sad when you have a few happy puggles running around your house.

One thing you will have to teach puggle puppies to stop doing is chewing up valuable items around the house. You need to try to keep puggles occupied as much as possible because they look for anything to chew on anytime they start to get a little bored. If you don\’t have enough time on your hands to be with them for a majority of the day, you will have to go out and get some chew toys. This way, when they start getting the urge to chew on something, it won\’t be your favorite tie or your new pair of slippers.



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