Contacting A Class Action Law Firm When Your Rights Are Violated

byAlma Abell

In Oklahoma, you are within your legal rights to file a class action lawsuit against a company, firm, or manufacturer when you and the rights of other consumers have been violated. These lawsuits are designed to explicitly protect your rights and those of others who were wronged due to a safety failure, fraud, or other illegal activity. If you have become a victim due to any misrepresentation of the facts contact a Class Action Law Firm today.


Why Should You Choose a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits assist those who have a viable claim, but their claim is not great enough to proceed alone. In these cases, it is essential to determine whether or not other consumers have suffer the same fate. When this is the case, you and other consumers have more leverage in fighting against the company that wronged you. Through a class action lawsuit, you and other consumers are not liable for legal fees unless the attorneys win your case. Common occurrences representing the need for these lawsuits are faulty medical devices, polluted water, and medication that lead to adverse reactions in several patients. Over the decades, these lawsuits have become the jumping off point for multimillion dollar awards. All it takes to begin is one consumer to come forward with testimony of wrongdoing and a notification to the public through the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. Edward L White PC Attorney At Law can assist you with this venture. Defective products, credit card fraud, predatory lending practices and misleading advertisements have lead to class action lawsuits. In terms of defective products, this action encompasses all probable occurrences including false claims by manufacturer in relation to medical devices which ultimately fail to perform.

Credit card fraud involves any act in which a credit card company misrepresented or failed to properly disclose all fees associated with opening an account. Predatory lending practices are prohibited by further United States laws; however, there are still cases emerging from this unethical actions. New laws also enforce how manufacturers are allowed to represent their products. If your consumer rights were violated, you should contact a Class Action Law Firm immediately.