Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery


Alf Holborne

One of the main sets of people who undergo cosmetic surgery is movie stars and celebrities. Living in the glare of the media means that every aspect of their body is under scrutiny by millions of people page 3 observers, fashionistas and the lay person as well. It is little surprise then that celebrities undergo the knife to present something nice to look at. Some celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery are:

Nicole Kidman the star of Moulin Rouge had a stubby nose to begin with but soon went in for a rhinoplasty. This surgery is meant to correct the nose. Now Nicole Kidman has a petite, well sculpted nose that worked perfectly in her reprisal of the I Love Jeannie role. Courtney Love too began with what is called a hawk nose and had hers sculpted down as well. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has had an osteotomy which is basically the correction of a fractured nasal bone. Ashlee Simpson too has joined those on the rhinoplasty bandwagon.


Among the celebrities who have had breast implants are Lindsay Lohan. Of course, as is with all celebrities, there is speculation on the truth of the matter. Pictures however tell a different story. Lindsay is believed to have had the surgery at the young age of 17. Demi Moore, the gorgeous mom from Strip Tease too has had breast implants. She is one person who has had them, then removed them and then went back to having them again. She is believed to have spent a considerable amount of money on them.

Despite singer Lil Kim s height she has not deterred from getting several cosmetic treatment procedures done. She has had a rhinoplasty to bring down the size of her nose. She has also had a breast implants to a certain disproportionate extent. Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale for their noses, Kiera Knightely and Kate Winslet to reduce their lips are some other examples. One indeed cannot forget Angelina Jolie and her famous pout.

Among men, Michael Jackson came under a lot of fire for the number of corrective cosmetic surgeries he is said to have undergone. Things went to such an extent that soon he did not even resemble his original self. Ray Liotta is another actor who has attempted to work on his smile. But with age, it seems to be working against him.

There are several celebrities who have worked on their looks. While it has worked for some, for others it turned out to be a disaster.

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