Before You Dig A Hole In Your Backyard

Before You Dig A Hole In Your Backyard


Cathy Newman

So you want an inground pool installed in your house. It’s a dream for most of us, the ultimate domestic luxury. Imagine going home after a long tiring day at work, then walking straight to your very own pool for a long and lazy dip. But before you go on ahead and have a hole dug in your backyard, here are some things you may want to think about.


There’s the matter of location. Yes, you want it in your backyard, but is there enough space for the size you want without balling out that tree your grandfather planted when your mother was born, or is junior OK with giving up the half court? Also, you may want to keep the pool away from trees and other structures that give off debris.

Another thing to consider, especially if you’re building an outdoor pool, is climate. Do you want a pool you can use all-year round or do you just want it for the warmer months? If you have enough funds you can make your pool more exciting by having a climate-controlled enclosure installed. Indoor pool installations may cost more but they keep you from the climate hassle.

And of course you have to think hard about finances. Have you thought about what material you are going to use for the interiors? Exteriors? How big do you want it? How deep? What type of stairs do you want? Pump? Filters? The least stressful way to go around it is to do some research on the pool builders and service companies in your area. They can help you figure out ways to save a little money on the construction without sacrificing quality. An example can be the Chicago inground pool installation


Chicago inground pool installation

is growing as an industry in the city. Companies/contractors now offer everything from consultation to maintenance to remodeling, while adjusting everything to your needs, desires and financial capacity.

The number of inground pools Chicago

has in the city has grown over the recent years, regardless of the rich and famous connotation, due perhaps to how convenient it has become to have one made. Before you take a dive, so to speak, and have your pool made, be sure to get familiar with your options and you are sure not to regret what you spent.

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