A Comprehensive Guide To Outside Paint

The Art of Choosing the Right Outside Paint

When it comes to painting the exterior of buildings, the quality and type of paint you choose can greatly impact the lifespan and appearance of the project. Painting the outside of your house or building can be a monumental task, but choosing the right outside paint will go a long way in ensuring the success of your project.

Picking the right exterior paint is not as simple as choosing your favourite colour. It involves understanding the specific requirements of your building, local weather conditions, and the different qualities of paints. The proper selection can increase the longevity of the paint job and decrease necessary maintenance.

Firstly, the weather conditions of your location should significantly influence your choice of paint. For regions that experience harsh sunlight, a UV-resistant paint is advised. It protects the building from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing fading and discolouring qualities. On the other hand, for places with high humidity, consider paints which are resistant to fungal and mildew growth.

Secondly, the type of surface that needs painting also affects the type of paint suitable. Paints come in oil-based or water-based types. Water-based paints are typically easier to work with and dry faster, but oil-based paints have superior adhesion and are particularly efficient on chalky surfaces.

Lastly, and most importantly, the quality of the paint impacts its durability and finish. High-quality exterior paints are designed to resist the effects of weather, dirt, and grime while retaining their colour and gloss over time. Although they may cost more, the longevity and finished look provide value for your money. It is vital to invest in a top-quality outside paint to attain a highly durable, attractive, easily maintained, and long-term exterior finish.

Newcastle Artists Painters and Exterior Paint

When we think of painting and artistry, one can’t help but mention the exceptional skills of Newcastle artists painters. They are not only well-versed in traditional canvas painting but also show expertise in exterior building paints. Over the years, these talented artists have showcased the beauty and resilience of superior outside paint through the delicate art of mural painting. They have painted numerous buildings through Newcastle, creating outstanding artwork that stands the test of time, thanks to careful selection of high-quality outside paint.

The Newcastle artists painters understand that the secret behind a stunning and long-lasting painting is not just their artistic prowess, but also their choice of paint. They have successfully bridged the world of art with the tedious task of exterior painting, proving that a beautifully painted building can indeed be a work of art.


The goal of a great outside paint job goes beyond just a change of colour. It provides an additional protective layer that shields the building from various weather conditions while increasing the building’s lifespan. The correct choice of paint, therefore, saves money over the long term and keeps the building looking its best.

And as the Newcastle artists painters have shown us, this task doesn’t have to be monotonous; it can be an artistic venture, a chance to turn an otherwise ordinary building into a masterpiece of the city skyline. Investment in quality outside paint is an investment in durability, aesthetics, and a touch of artistic flair in your building project.